Week 14: Final Thoughts on Digital History

Well, it has been quite a semester! I don’t think I’ll do research the same way again. It has been incredibly helpful to learn about all the different types of search engines and how data is stored and shared with historians. Primarily there are three facets that I think will change how we look at […]

Week 13: The Dreaded Omeka

Alright, much much earlier in this course we started playing with Omeka, then looked a lot at other sites using Omeka, and now it’s time to start actually getting it to do things. This last part has been the hardest for me and I think that Jeffrey McClurken’s article was a godsend. Now, it doesn’t […]

Week 11: Mining Big Data

One of the aspects of Digital History that excites every historian is the bulky piles of data that institutions have scanned and users have uploaded. Maybe, just maybe, that random piece of  ephemera or key piece of research is lurking out there on the internet. Now, the fact of the matter is how do we […]

Week 10: Time, Space, History, and Making Connections

This has been one of my favorite sections thus far. I absolutely love history (obviously), organizing things, and creating different ways to visualize things. Maps have always been a favorite  to pour over and look between Google Maps and older maps. My favorite day during my 1876 roleplaying training was walking through downtown Mystic with […]

Week 8: Digital Collections

There is an interesting mix of Digital Historians lamenting the fact that not enough modern digital history is being preserved, while others are concerned that there’s too much poorly digitized history.  The former recalls the fragility of not only digital memory, but personal memories as well. Being a in high school and living on an […]

Week 7: Digital Personas

Looking back on my previous posts… I hate to say that my digital persona is a bit snarky. I didn’t mean for everything to come across that way! I know I am writing this particular blog in an incredibly informal and personal way. I am hoping that this would make for a blog that was […]

Week 6: Creative Commons and Copyright

Well, after much debate and agonizing over different licenses I’ve chosen the happy-go-lucky Free for Cultural Works creative commons license. This allows all of my avid viewers to remix, reuse, and even make money off of all that I post, just so long as they attribute my work to me. I, therefore, can be a muse […]

Week 4: UPDATE

I did get a response to my Wikipedia meddling! A Wiki-robot! The computer noticed that I completely butchered the code for the footnotes and asked if I needed help. It tried to point me in a few different directions, but I mostly figured it out by changing brackets “{” and clicking “show preview” to see […]