Week 4: UPDATE

I did get a response to my Wikipedia meddling! A Wiki-robot! The computer noticed that I completely butchered the code for the footnotes and asked if I needed help. It tried to point me in a few different directions, but I mostly figured it out by changing brackets “{” and clicking “show preview” to see if I fixed it. Eventually it worked! So far my changes have stayed and I plan on adding a bit more.

In more dramatically depressing news the amazing TV Show on BBC America I mentioned previously, Copper has been canceled after this season (only its second).

The housemates and I are devastated and are refusing to watch the last few episodes we have recorded for fear of actually finishing the show. We’re hoping to pull a Firefly and by purchasing the two seasons on DVD try and bring it back! It probably won’t work, but it was a fantastic show. 😦


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